Paelis specializes in straw marquetry

Straw marquetry and design of unique and daring projects

Founded in 2016 by Manon Bouvier, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, Paelis specializes in straw marquetry.

Between the making of classic wall panels and the creation of new techniques and patterns, the workshop team is one of the leaders of the new generation of straw marquetry workers. Paelis tends not only to ensure the transmission and application of the traditional technical gestures, but also to think about tomorrow’s marquetry through research and development.

The conviction of the workshop: through innovation, we will be able to transmit, preserve and develop old know-how.

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Atelier Paelis
81 rue Tronchet
69006 Lyon

Tél : +33(0)09 75 56 97 27
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