Fayet sticks

Walking canes, Collectible ... exceptional and character

Since 1909 the family enterprise Fayet sticks has succeeded in preserving all its authenticity in manufacturing its walking sticks of the highest quality.

Its expertise is exemplified by creations that illustrate the wealth of its heritage and unique style – without ever falling into nostalgia.

Cannes Fayet sticks, figures symbolizing the rebirth of elegance, give back to the walking stick its class and distinction with a choice of exceptional knob and shafts. System sticks (sword cane, or cane with secret) or sticks for pleasure, the creations stamped with the Lion, the symbol of the house of Fayet, are made with refinement, conferring on each stick its character and originality.

To answer always better every demand, we completed our collection to propose you high range and exceptional umbrellas and sun-umbrellas.

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