Philippe Allemand cabinetmaking

The French tradition of traditional carpentry, cabinet-making and marquetry

The ‘Philippe Allemand Workshop’ cabinetmaking was created in 1985 in the heart of the Auvergne region and has been dedicated to the preservation of the historic traditional French skills of carpentry, cabinetmaking and marquetry ever since. A team of 7 craftsmen, including 5 skilled carpenters, 1 inlayer, 1 apprentice and a workshop manager, are entirely devoted to their passion for wood. Knowledge and mastery of traditional techniques are combined with a willingness to revive France’s national heritage.

The workshop cabinetmaking is renowned for both its expertise and excellence. One of its most famous assignments has been the restoration of the inlays of the “Venice Simplon Orient Express” ever since1998. The craftsmen have worked on carriages designed by Lalique and René Prou which are now classed among the historic monuments of the National French Railways.

The 30-year old workshop created by Philippe ALLEMAND prides itself on its prestigious assignments and is totally dedicated to the preservation of French national treasures. The workshop’s large repertoire of activities includes restoration projects for the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, The French Senate, as well the restoration of wood paneling, door frames, and wooden floors of chateaux and renowned properties.

As a creator of unique, rare and original pieces, the workshop is attracting an elite clientele of architects, designers and private customers in France and abroad.

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