Louis Geneste stone cutters

Expert on the subject

Specialised in restoring and preserving old building heritage.
Heir of a family firm founded in 1866, its expertise has been passed down four generations of stone cutters.

The know-how and values of this firm are passed on from journeyman to journeyman. The company’s areas of excellence are stone cutting, sculpture, lime plaster and patinas, hemp concrete, diagnostic of stone pathologies and their solutions.

To meet restoration requirements, the team includes specialists stone cutters and engineers who all work together to come up with technical solutions and their implementation.
Our passion for old stones and our interest in modern techniques make us turn to the future, making the union between traditional know-how and modernity, staying a modern and dynamic company concerned with satisfaction of its clientele.

Today Louis Geneste is recognized for its excellence and works on various prestigious projects in France as building inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, and as well on some more contemporaries projects which need a precise know-how.

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